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Sometime in 1995 we first met at a mutual friends' house party. During the remaining high school years we continued to hang out with all of our mutual friends and enjoyed each others' company.  Once we graduated high school we drifted apart as our lives went in different directions.  Below is a timeline that summarizes the events that led to Anoli and Chris reconnecting from moments in the past until present day.
Sept. 2006
Anoli and Chris randomly ran into each other at a wedding where Anoli knew the bride and Chris knew the groom.
Oct. 2006
Ran into each other at a mutual friends' Halloween party and joked about the random run-in the month prior.
Summer of 2010
Anoli and her friend frequented the restaurant Chris bartended at to enjoy the food and say hi!  During this time, Anoli realized she had a crush on her bartender...
Jan 16, 2011
The first time Anoli asked Chris to hang out with some friends but he played hard to get.  Anoli 1st attempt: Fail.
Feb 12, 2011
Saw each other again at a friends' house party to celebrate Chinese New Year.  At the end of the night Anoli walked Chris to his car and remarked how they should hang out sometime.  Chris did not quite catch on at that moment what Anoli was trying to do.  Anoli 2nd attempt: Fail.
Apr 2, 2011
Anoli and her friend stopped by the bar where Chris worked but didn't stay long.  Chris suggested Anoli and he to get a drink once he was finished with his shift that night.  Later that night when Chris texted her, she was already out but asked for a raincheck.
Chris 1st attempt: Fail.
Apr 30, 2011
Chris was no longer working on Saturdays at the bar so since this was the first free Saturday, he figured he would try to cash in the raincheck from April 2nd.  So he texted Anoli and she said yes!  They went out for drinks and this was the defining moment for Chris when he realized Anoli had all the things he was looking for in someone he could spend his life with.  For Anoli, this was the first time she realized something was missing in life and wanted to spend more time with him.
Last attempt: Success!
May 6, 2011
Their first date.  They went for sushi and laughed and talked throughout the night.  Unknown to Chris, Anoli "went to the bathroom" and actually paid the bill.  They spent the rest of the night out enjoying each others company, secretly hoping one liked the other and they could see each other again and again.
Boy Meets Girl...
...Several Years in the Making